Employee Survey January 2016

The following section relates to your views of the company
Overall, how satisfied are you with your position at (company)? *
How motivated are you to see the company succeed? *
How flexible is the company with respect to your family responsibilities? *
My department operates in a cost-efficient manner. *
The amount of work I am expected to do on my job is reasonable. *
I am satisfied with the productivity and efficiency of my department. *
I have enough information to do my job well. *
The following section compares you to your coworkers
Productive time spent working on the tasks assigned to me. *
Meeting target quotas and goals. *
Overall productivity in getting the job done. *
Going beyond what is expected of me to make customers happy. *
I respond quickly and courteously to fulfill customers’ needs. *
The overall quality of service that I provide. *
The company clearly communicates its goals and strategies to me. *
I receive adequate opportunity to interact with other employees on a formal level. *
I have a clear path for career advancement. *
My job requirements are clear. *